Provincial coordinating organizations

Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen

Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen is a non-profit organization that offers support to its members: the local historical societies of the Province of Antwerp. Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen distributes the provincial subsidies to the local history societies with museums in accordance with objective criteria. They also subsidize initiatives of their members (including Gouwdagen, statutory meetings and other possible initiatives). Every three months they publish the journal “Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen vzw”. Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen stands up for the interests of its members before the Provincial authorities, the coordinating organization Heemkunde Vlaanderen and other organizations. They also inform their members of important matters by way of publications and/or meetings and of all important decisions made by Heemkunde Vlaanderen.

Contact information

Ludo Helsen
Oude Geelse baan 19
tel.: 014 84 14 26

Jozef Verckens
Veldlei 51
tel.: 03 658 36 32

Heemkunde Limburg

Heemkunde Limburg is a pluralistic non-profit organization that wants to promote heemkunde in all its dimensions. They also aim to stimulate and coordinate working on the subject of heemkunde with the affiliated local and regional organizations. The Provincial coordination organization wants to stimulate the study of local historiography and all other aspects of heemkunde in the fields of archaeology, genealogy, nature study, industrial archaeology and folklore. In addition, Heemkunde Limburg takes steps towards the education and support of local researchers, the promotion, recognition and protection of the tangible and intangible national culture and the environment.

Contact information

Raymond Lambie
Gijzenveldstraat 43
tel: 089 71 64 45

Heemkunde Oost-Vlaanderen

Heemkunde Oost-Vlaanderen was founded November 28th 1964. At present there are 46 historical societies – with a total of up to 20,000 members – from the province affiliated with the organization. The main purpose of Heemkunde Oost-Vlaanderen is to stimulate and support the activities of the local historical societies. The council meetings, organized in spring and autumn, and the yearly provincial heemdag are the ideal means to strengthen the ties between the different historical societies. Each of these happenings is hosted by one of the members. The highlight of the gouwdag is the presentation of the Reinaertprize, which rewards a deserving history researcher for his or her achievements. The candidacies are presented by the local historical societies and representatives of the societies elect the laureate of the prize. Every two years a number of restorations from the field of activity of Heemkunde Oost-Vlaanderen are praised during a solemn meeting hosted alternately in a different provincial town.

Contact information

Luc Van Driessche
Nieuwstraat 64
9280 WIEZE

Heemkunde Vlaams-Brabant

Heemkunde Vlaams-Brabant has been active since 1963. It is a non-profit coordination organization that aims for a professionalization of the local historical societies. Their activities mostly centre on the organisation of the yearly provincial meeting day around a certain theme (beer and breweries; archaeology; giants; heemkunde and education; nobility in the village; pigeon racing; paternalism and patronage; transport; the administration of a village), the yearly price for heemkunde (awarded to a historical society during even years and to a history researcher during odd years), four board meetings a year, a general statutory meeting and advice to the Province Flemish Brabant with respect to subjects on heemkunde. Other points of interest are: preservation of monuments and historic buildings, local history in all its dimensions, naming of streets, archaeology, folklore and collaborations between different historical societies.

Contact information

Gust Vandegoor
Grote Baan 284
tel.: 016 60 16 04
fax: 015 62 07 40

Heemkunde West-Vlaanderen

Heemkunde West-Vlaanderen – formerly West-Vlaams Verbond van Kringen voor Heemkunde vzw – was founded in 1958. Twelve historical societies immediately joined the organization. At present Heemkunde West-Vlaanderen has between 40 and 50 members every year (depending on the moment when the societies paid their membership fee).

Each year there are two contact moments between Heemkunde West-Vlaanderen and the affiliated historical societies. The Heemdag, coupled with the statutory meeting, takes place in April and the council meeting takes place in October. Each year two local history societies offer their kind cooperation for these contact moments and each time a guest speaker and a visit form part of the programme. Heemkunde West-Vlaanderen also aims to convey the significance of heemkunde to the Provincial and local authorities.

Contact information

Hendrik Vandeginste
Boudewijn Hapkenstraat 5A
tel.: 0496 77 30 77

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