Mission & policy plan

Heemkunde Vlaanderen is the anchor point for the cultural heritage community on heemkunde in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Heemkunde Vlaanderen is a non-profit organization that promotes, cultivates, studies and makes accessible to the general public heemkunde and research on local and regional history in Flanders. They offer support and training to local heritage societies, individual history researchers and the provincial coordinating organizations on heemkunde in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region. This support is offered in the form of publications and by making accessible information and policy for their target group, by organizing workshops and by participating in all sorts of heritage events.

In addition, Heemkunde Vlaanderen offers support and training to all local museums, archives and documentation centres on the management and opening up of their local heritage collections. Heemkunde Vlaanderen aims to gain visibility on a European and international level and to stimulate people in employing culture and heritage as a way of promoting mutual respect and understanding.

What is heemkunde?

Heemkunde is the study and resulting knowledge of man and his everyday surroundings. Heemkunde concerns itself with the care for and opening up of the cultural heritage of the region and its inhabitants. An important aspect of this activity is the evolution of everyday life with its customs and values, vision and social situation.

Source: Beheersovereenkomst tussen de Vlaamse Gemeenschap en Heemkunde Vlaanderen vzw


Policy plan


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