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Working groups

Through several working groups Heemkunde Vlaanderen aims to encourage the mutual sharing of expertise. These thematic working groups do not only consist of Heemkunde Vlaanderen staff members, but also of interested volunteers. The experiences that are exchanged within the working groups do not only increase the knowledge of its members, but also provide Heemkunde Vlaanderen’s […]

Provincial coordinating organizations

Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen www.heemkunde-gouwantwerpen.be Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen is a non-profit organization that offers support to its members: the local historical societies of the Province of Antwerp. Heemkunde Gouw Antwerpen distributes the provincial subsidies to the local history societies with museums in accordance with objective criteria. They also subsidize initiatives of their members (including Gouwdagen, statutory […]

Board of Directors

Chairman: Fons Dierickx Grote Baan 193 9310 HERDERSEM dierickx.alfons@pandora.be Vice-chairman: Ferdi Geerts Molse Kiezel 84 3920 LOMMEL ferdi.geerts@gmail.com Secretary: Jef Verckens Van de Wervelaan 92/2 2970 SCHILDE jozef.verckens@ping.be Treasurer: Paul Degraeve Vliegenierslaan 6 1820 STEENOKKERZEEL paul.degraeve@pandora.be Board member: Bert De Smet Baron van der Bruggenlaan 29/1.01 8710 WIELSBEKE bertdesmet86@hotmail.com Board member: Geertje Cools Emiel Banningstraat […]

Staff members

For all your questions on education, support and projects you can contact the consultants by phone on the number +32 15 20 51 74 or by e-mail via consulenten@heemkunde-vlaanderen.be. For administrative purposes please contact us via info@heemkunde-vlaanderen.be. Fons Dierickx, chairman of the Board of Directors, can be reached via fons.dierickx@heemkunde-vlaanderen.be. Nele Provoost Co-ordinator Matters of […]

Mission & policy plan

Heemkunde Vlaanderen is the anchor point for the cultural heritage community on heemkunde in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region. Heemkunde Vlaanderen is a non-profit organization that promotes, cultivates, studies and makes accessible to the general public heemkunde and research on local and regional history in Flanders. They offer support and training to local heritage societies, […]